Practical information 🇬🇧

5 days – Day Camps (non-residential)

Full day (9.30am to 16.30pm)
Half day (9.30am to 12.30pm)

Equipment needed : 

  • A picnic lunch 
  • A bottle of water/any other beverage
  • A small backpack (to carry lunch as at times we may walk to the forest nearby to have a picnic)
  • A bottle of sunscreen
  • A hat or cap 
  • Activewear/comfortable clothing for physical activities (looking after animals and sporting activities) 
  • A pair of shoes suitable for horse-riding such as ankle boots with low heels, rain boots or sneakers/trainers (no hiking boots, open shoes/sandals or trainers such as Converse)
  • A horse-riding helmet (can be borrowed on site if needed)
  • A bumbag/small bag to tie around the waist (will contain small treats for the animals)

5 days – Residential Camps (overnight stay)

In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, please take the following items with you:

  • A pillow
  • A sleeping bag
  • A towel
  • Spare clothes (enough to last for 5 days)

For the good of all

Please cancel your registration if your child experiences the following symptoms:

  • A coughing fit
  • A sore throat
  • Breathing difficulties
  • A feeling of fever or muscle ache
  • Or if your child lives under the same roof as someone with any of these symptoms

If you find out that your child is a carrier of Covid during or after the camp, please let us know.

You will also be informed if someone has been infected during the camp. 

We thank you and look forward to welcoming you and your children soon!